The child seat

Many of the children / toilet lid secondary folding / adjustable bed with my child / children carrying backpacks. minizone that Japanese mothers used / tot seat fabric, portable seat / child seat 2 in 1 car seat for children. Do not rely on car seat. Easy to use / play gym Tiny Love love for the hearing of the motion / Bo Ball + a slider / Baby MEITOKU / rubberized pad apron. / Diapers / baby blanket / towel / cap lock cover with water bottles, soft tubes from Japan here.

2 in 1 baby seat in the car seat for children. Do not rely on car seat. The easy, safe, affordable and convenient place to sit on my chair, I have a soft padded lining and two lock-tight red and blue.
I go shopping with her two children, but do not want to leave the car seat behind him.
Or to travel by car to do a little more secure. During the trip, Edem and comfortable ride. Can be moved. It is easy to fold easy to carry.

The second Sunday of sight to the mission work. Promised to churn the original end. Is about to end. Safety seats for children. But I shall not do that … until I read it and then have the same Readers will gain knowledge about child safety seats, more or less, and is able to stimulate many more. The importance of this type that seat. There is much for children to travel.

ba seat belt after a pleasant ride. The parents do not hurt your wallet too much, the important thing is to be installed. I must say that this is very important not to buy. Many people have died this past fall. This is not only the Thai people. But as parents across the world.

ba had told it that the ISOFIX and LATCH, the seat belt anchor. Has been designed for. Ensure that the system retain the seat. With more than a 3-point seat belt held, but the reason given for the ISOFIX system, the device is a convenient way. The correct installation of child safety seat with the car.

ba, which is based on a survey of The German Insurance Institute GDV found that only 30% of the parents to install child safety seats. With 3-point seat belt of the car correctly found that the ISOFIX anchors are installed correctly and 96% demonstrated. Ease of use.

ba here we pay attention to it because as far as the ISOFIX. Car prices in the millions could be counted. This system will be installed as standard equipment. We also rely on a 3-point seat belts, according to research information on That would give us a chance to miss up to 70% of the installed incorrectly.

ba’s how to install. I would say it is difficult. Because each seat will have a different form of the brace. But for sure. The seat should be read carefully. I have to do it.

ba in the case of a baby seat. And children older than 3 years, mainly for the use of seat belts to install a 3-point belt is pulled out. It conforms to the back of the seat. Then plug it in to lock the belt. Issues that the seat is tight. The mother or father to take a knee and weight into the child seat. Then used to pull the belt tight and then tightened to lock the seat.

ba, and when the installation is complete, try moving the seat and set the anchor. Whether or not secured. If it’s not tight. I try to install the new. (See video).
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