The basic components of a compound light microcope

The basic components of a compound light microcope.

1.Mirror also reflect light onto the condenser.

2.Iris diaphragm to adjust the amount of light to enter condenser lens.

The lens consists of two lenses 3.Condenser. Adjust the slider up or down.

4.Stage a square platform for the slide. Adjust the slider up or down.

5.Mechanical stage to the slide in the slide to move up and down and parallel to the floor.

6.Coarse adjustment knob acts as a stand to slide up and down. To adjust the focus to see the image faintly.

7.Fine adjustment knob easily adjust the focus. Jesus the dock slides up and down slowly.

8.Objective lens is an objective lens sizes. Most 4x10x (low power opjective) 40x100x (high power objective).

9.Body tube into the camera body.

10.Ocular a lens near the eye. There are usually sold 10x 15x.

- Magnification of the image. Is the product of the objective. lens to the ocular.

-Resolving power is the ability to make two points that are close to each other. Clearly separated from each other.

It is less clear on the details.

11.Lock use focus lock coarse.

12.Arm is used to hold the camera.

13.Base the camera as a stand for the weight of the camera.

Q – Reply.

One. Recent telescopic images with low magnification. To adjust to the low light, the camera should do fine.

Or **** Iris diaphragm Condenser (substrate condenser).

Two., Adjusting image magnification is less clear. Rotate the lens magnification than replaced.

With the focus on the little details, but it’s clear Jesus.

To adjust the image **** at any optical lens with a clear one. Often within the image with every other lens optics. The perfocal.

Three.’s Resolving. power (resolution) and the magnifying power (magnification) different.

Unlike **** Magnifying. power refers to the magnification of the image.

The magnification of the objective lens and the eye lens to multiply.

The resolution refers to the ability to separate the two adjacent points of the same quantity.

The details are less clear.

. 4 Why the Gulf oil on the lens magnification 100x.

The **** lens with high magnification is the curvature of the glass surface. The focal length is less. The area has been a little light.

If the oil light comes through an increase in the slide on the air is deflected away. Because of the different indices.

We should use the oil, because oil is the index of the glass is equal to the slideshow. Oil light through the lens to the object.

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